The EVOTERM systems results from the combination of more than 30 years of know-how in the development of heat pump technologies, with the need for to contribute to the Paris Agreement (2015) by reducing CO2 emissions and at the same time, respond to consumers that are increasingly more demanding and concerned about the economy and efficiency of their houses.

EVOTERM COMBI is an all-in-one solution. An Air Heat Pump built to the highest standards of quality with outstanding performance. With a compact design, it carries out heating and cooling, as well as the production of Domestic Hot Water, using the latest DC Inverter technology.

Complies with the Energy Regulation for Housing standard (REH).

Heat pumps are systems that use the principle of thermodynamics to extract natural heat from ambient air into your home. ENERGIE heat pumps are the ideal solution to increase energy efficiency, taking advantage of the environment as the main source of energy.

There is a cooling liquid that is pumped to an outdoor heat exchanger (evaporator). Here the liquid, with the help of a fan, absorbs the energy from the atmosphere to the temperature differential obtained outdoors. During this process, the liquid changes to a gaseous state. The gaseous state is sucked in by the mechanical part of the system, the compressor. Here it is compressed, the pressure goes up and consequently the liquid temperature increases. After this, the liquid travels to a second inside heat exchanger (condenser) and transfers heat to the water in the cylinder. The fluid goes into liquid state by cooling down. The liquid pressure is reduced due to a strangulation that happens in the expansion valve and the process starts again.

Heating Capacity     kW 3 - 13
  Nominal (1)   kW


  Maximum   kW 13,00
Nominal Consumption     kW 1,34
COP (1)       4,5
Cooling Capacity (2)     kW 3 - 12,7
  Nominal (2)   kW 4,70
  Maximum   kW 12,70
Nominal Consumption     kW 1,12
EER (2)       4,2
Energy Class - Environment Heating       A++
Dimensions AxLxP   mm 1900x600x840
Weight     Kg. 243
Maximum Temperature     ºC 60
Hydraulic Connections   Outlet / Inlet   1"M
Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Tank   L 200
  Material     INOX AISI 316L
  Máx. Temp. (compressor only)   ºC 70
  Electrical Backup   W 1500
  DHW Connections Cold / Hot   3/4” M
  COP DHW (3)     3,27
  Consumption Profile     L
  Efficiency η   % 138
  DHW Energy Class     A+
Refrigerante Type     R410A
  Preload   Kg. 3,5
  Connections Liquid   1/2”
    Vapor   3/4”
Sound Pressure (distance 1m)   dBA 42
Electrical Supply Type     230V or 400 V
  Electrical Cable 230V mm2 3G6
    400V mm2 5G4
  Protection Circuit Breaker 230V   40A
    400V   32A
Dimensions AxLxP   mm 700x940x600
Weight     Kg 37
Sound Pressure (distance 10m)   dBA 34
Type       Evaporator + Fan
Fan       Silent Axial Fan
Electrical wiring     mm2 3G1,5 + 4 x 0,5
Maximum distance without addition of refrigerant     m 10
Maximum distance with addition of refrigerant     m 20
Maximum drop     m 15

(1) According to the standard EN 14511, A 7 / W 30/35 | (2) According to the standard EN 14511, A 35 / W 18/23 | (3) According to the standard EN 16147, A 14 / W 10/54

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