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REFERENCE WORK - railway equipment maintenance industry

ENERGIE equipment has arrived at full steam in the railway equipment maintenance industry.
An ECO XL 3000 Thermodynamic Solar System has been installed in a unit of this company, for the washing of carriages that have undergone a refurbishment process.
This system is composed of 28 thermodynamic solar panels, installed on the roof of the industrial unit, a solar block and a 3000 liters tank.
This solution is ideal for industry, hotels, schools or gyms. It uses an innovative technology with high efficiency that allows for a substantial reduction of costs in water heating, obtaining a fast payback of the investment. It is possible to obtain water up to 60ºC on rainy days or even during the night thanks to its innovative operating principle. The maintenance of the thermodynamic solar system is almost non-existent, being only necessary to check the deposit's magnesium anode. Finally, our solution also allows for a substantial reduction of the useful area of solar panels in relation to traditional systems.

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