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All its range of ECO products, Heat Pumps and Storage Water Heaters, now use thermal insulation without CFCs or HFC, which allows to adapt them to the requirements of the European legislation ErP, raising standards of Quality and A+ Efficiency.
The Ecodesign directive ErP, for heating and Hot Water production products, establishes minimum performance requirements for all appliances. The new requirements will eradicate from the market the technologies with lower performances, raising the level of energetic performance of the basic offering.
Energy saving is the best way to approach them. With the publication of directive 2009/125/CE on the ecologic design of all products related with energy consumption (Directive ErP, Energy related Products) and of directive 2010/30/CE on energy labelling (Labelling Directive), the general requirements (applicable to all household products) have been established to obtain energy savings in one of the sector that consumes more energy and contaminates the most in the European Union. From the provisions of the previous directives, legislative tools which are specific to each family of products were created: the European regulations. The regulations stipulate the way the energy label should be used and define the minimum energy performance that the new products introduced into the market must have. Once they are published, the regulations are immediately applicable in all countries of the European Union without distinction, and they do not need to be transposed to the national regulations. The heating and hot water production products also have their regulations on ErP and labelling. The energy label simplifies the process of selection of the most efficient product.

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